Summer wedding photography Bassmead Manor – Amy and Rob

Summer Wedding Photography Bassmead Manor – by Jinjabird. I was photographing Amy and Rob’s wedding last week at the lovely Bassmead Manor in Cambridgeshire. It was a blustery summers day but stayed warm so everyone could enjoy being outside in the country surroundings. There is nothing more frustrating than turning up at a beautiful wedding venue and being forced to spend the day inside because of bad weather. The bride and groom both got ready on site and there were a couple of occasions in the morning when they almost bumped into each other. Rob’s son made a great pageboy and ring bearer. He looked very sweet in his suit. Amy was a very happy bride. I cant remember the last time I saw someone laugh so much. I think this set the tone for the day because Rob and his groomsmen didn’t stop smiling either. During the wedding ceremony a harpist played and we were given a reading by one of Amy’s friends. After the ceremony there was some serious competition in the garden with the giant Jenga  and Connect four. As always at Bassmead Manor the wedding breakfast was superb and later in the day a selection of amazing cheese’s appeared. In the evening after a few shots we were all treated to some groovy formation dancing by Rob and his groomsmen. I love photographing summer weddings because of the long days. Being midsummer it was still light and warm at ten o’clock making the wedding day seem so much more enjoyable. Bassmead Manor Wedding Photography.

Summer Wedding photography Bassmead Manor – Jinjabird.

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Summer Wedding photography Bassmead Manor – Jinjabird