Bassmead Manor Barns Weddings – Sophie & Craig

Bassmead Manor Barns Weddings – by Jinjabird. What a fantastic day I had photographing the wedding of Sophie and Craig at Bassmead Manor Barns in Cambridgeshire last Sunday. I just love photographing summer weddings and being able to enjoy being outside on a warm day makes all the difference. Its no coincidence that some of the best wedding photographers in the world choose to work in places like California or Australia. You don’t hear of many coming from Iceland. Despite having broken his ankle two days before Craig was in fine spirits and apart from the odd appearance now and again on his crouches you would not have known anything was wrong. I thought Sophie looked stunning in her lovely wedding dress and veil. Part of Sophie’s bridal party consisted of two lovely flower-girls that were a delight to photograph. They were so cute and friendly, not the least bit shy of obnoxious.Craig had a good bunch of lads to share the occasion with. Just the sort of people you want around you on your wedding day. Its always good for me to see people again that I have previously photographed and on the day there were a few old faces that came and said hello. I thought that the first dance might have been a problem for Craig’s ankle but could not believe it when he not only danced with Sophie but joined in some of the dancing later in the evening. Thank you Sophie and Craig for letting me be part of such a special day. It was real fun. Bassmead Manor Wedding Photography.

Bassmead Manor Barns Weddings – Jinjabird.

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Bassmead Manor Weddings – Jinjabird.